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Katuman & Kiningi Island

Interactive educational television series Based on African tradition and stories


How to learn for Life?

Education is the key to life.
Motivation is never giving up.
Together we can achieve everything.


Katuman is an interactive educational multimedia television series , which is placed on a fictitious Kiningi Island in Africa.

The key figure is Katuman,  a clever and imaginative boy who motivates children learn to read about African heritage and thus acquire life skills for the future.  The story is based on the real life of a Kenyan Storyteller, Wilson Kirwa who has in his possession hundreds of stories told by his grandparents in the oral tradition.

The concept includes eBooks, mBooks, 3D games, Augmented Reality, documentaries etc.
The  content and learning process is designed in cooperation with Finnish and African  educationalists and researchers.

The production company is looking for co-producers who are interested in developing the concept in cooperation with local educationalists and researchers.  Our aim is to create an educational television series, which is based on evidence and research. We want to study how children learn through the help of media.

  • for children 6 – 8 years
  • holistic view of learning
  • life skills for the future
  • learning to learn
  • learning for life


Wilson Kirwa

Wilson Kirwa

Wilson Kirwa grew up in a rural area of Kenya and came to Finland in 1997 with three t-shirts in a plastic bag. Through athletics he was able to become a Finnish National Champion and represent Finland internationally. His athletic career has helped him to branch into other areas such as motivational speaking, storytelling, writing and coaching. He is now a Finnish citizen, ambassador for World Vision Finland and Fair Trade Finland.

Wilson Kirwa regularly visits Finnish daycares, schools, hospitals and homes for elderly to tell stories, to make people laugh and enjoy learning about African heritage. In the media Wilson talks about children and the responsibility that both parents and the community have in raising our leaders of tomorrow. Recently, he was a competitor on the Finnish version of “Dancing with the Stars” but how many stars have a scar on their leg from a lion in the African jungle? Wilson does!

Timi Tervo
Game Designer

Ten years ago Timi Tervo was a small boy listening to Wilson´s stories in school.  Now in his twenties he is designing 3D games of Katuman & Kiningi Island according those stories.  Young and enthusiastic about his work, he is devoting all his time to the game.  He is a living proof of Wilson´s slogan: Motivation is never giving up!



Educational multimedia television series

Wilson Kirwa, Timi Tervo

Target audience:
Children 6 – 8 years

English, localization

looking for co-producers linked with local universities and educationalists